Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And into the sunset...

You knew I'd write again when I'd had enough. 

Gov. Brewer of Arizona signed the bill on border control and we are suddenly unindated with ignorants shouting "racial profiling". That is NOT part of the bill, which closely resembles the US version -- something Washington, after all this time, has never bothered to enforce. 

So Arizona has been paying the price. Not just the cost of incarceration of the "bad guys" who bring guns and drugs across the border, but higher education and medical costs to cover illegals ... and, most importantly, the loss of our rights to live safely and securely in our own State. 

You don't like our border protection bill? Tell that to the ranchers and their the families living at the border who have suffered injury and death at the hands of illegals crossing the border. If you don't live here ... or in another border state, then you may not truly understand the situation. Read up and understand before you open your mouth.

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