Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avatar or Wyatt Earp

It's a windy, overcast Sunday here in Tucson. Looks like rain to come.

This in "it-never-rains-in-Arizona" Tucson. So far, it's been a wet start to the year. We even have water in our rivers -- a first!

We decided to watch Avatar ... but Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp was showing on TV, and that beats Avatar any day. So maybe tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, there's Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday ... an incredible performance.

But then so was Quaid's in the other version. They both stole their respective films.

As long as I'm reviewing films, watched It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Eric Baldwin and Steve Martin. Premise of an ex-married couple (Streep and Baldwin) who have an affair with each other -- funny situations but by the end it drags and am rooting for Steve Martin as the new boyfriend.

Liked Julie and Julia and Mama Mia much better. Can watch those multiple times -- and have.

It's Complicated is a one time thing ... rent, don't buy.

And now waiting for: Leap Year and Letters to Julia to come out.

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