Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Invading Our Privacy

Do you rent or own -- with a mortgage or clear and free?
What's your phone number?
Give me the name, ages, and birthdates of everyone in the house!
What's your origin and race?
Does anyone live elsewhere, like a second home, nursing home, college or military?

If I showed up on your doorstep and asked these intrusive questions, I'd promptly be shown the door -- if not escorted away by the local police.

But those are all on the CENSUS FORM.

The government claims they need this for projecting future needs. The status of my mortgage ... and do I have enough money for a second home? Maybe it's to project how much more tax they can charge me.

In this age of internet -- where we scarcely have any privacy -- this is one sector to which I won't easily relinquish my information.

We replied: 1 Adult Male; 1 Adult Female.
And for the race, origin sections: AMERICAN!

Minor question: Why is the form provided in so many different languages? We speak English. But, then, that's for another blog.

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