Monday, August 2, 2010

Laying the Blame

Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters?
Caught doing wrong and you can blame it all on the race card.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Avatar or Wyatt Earp

It's a windy, overcast Sunday here in Tucson. Looks like rain to come.

This in "it-never-rains-in-Arizona" Tucson. So far, it's been a wet start to the year. We even have water in our rivers -- a first!

We decided to watch Avatar ... but Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp was showing on TV, and that beats Avatar any day. So maybe tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, there's Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday ... an incredible performance.

But then so was Quaid's in the other version. They both stole their respective films.

As long as I'm reviewing films, watched It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Eric Baldwin and Steve Martin. Premise of an ex-married couple (Streep and Baldwin) who have an affair with each other -- funny situations but by the end it drags and am rooting for Steve Martin as the new boyfriend.

Liked Julie and Julia and Mama Mia much better. Can watch those multiple times -- and have.

It's Complicated is a one time thing ... rent, don't buy.

And now waiting for: Leap Year and Letters to Julia to come out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And into the sunset...

You knew I'd write again when I'd had enough. 

Gov. Brewer of Arizona signed the bill on border control and we are suddenly unindated with ignorants shouting "racial profiling". That is NOT part of the bill, which closely resembles the US version -- something Washington, after all this time, has never bothered to enforce. 

So Arizona has been paying the price. Not just the cost of incarceration of the "bad guys" who bring guns and drugs across the border, but higher education and medical costs to cover illegals ... and, most importantly, the loss of our rights to live safely and securely in our own State. 

You don't like our border protection bill? Tell that to the ranchers and their the families living at the border who have suffered injury and death at the hands of illegals crossing the border. If you don't live here ... or in another border state, then you may not truly understand the situation. Read up and understand before you open your mouth.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Invading Our Privacy

Do you rent or own -- with a mortgage or clear and free?
What's your phone number?
Give me the name, ages, and birthdates of everyone in the house!
What's your origin and race?
Does anyone live elsewhere, like a second home, nursing home, college or military?

If I showed up on your doorstep and asked these intrusive questions, I'd promptly be shown the door -- if not escorted away by the local police.

But those are all on the CENSUS FORM.

The government claims they need this for projecting future needs. The status of my mortgage ... and do I have enough money for a second home? Maybe it's to project how much more tax they can charge me.

In this age of internet -- where we scarcely have any privacy -- this is one sector to which I won't easily relinquish my information.

We replied: 1 Adult Male; 1 Adult Female.
And for the race, origin sections: AMERICAN!

Minor question: Why is the form provided in so many different languages? We speak English. But, then, that's for another blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jesse Kelly

Sunday afternoon, I went to a "meet-and-greet" for Jesse Kelly, who is running for congress in Arizona -- against Nancy Pelosi-clone, Gabrielle Giffords. With the morass of health care facing us, we had written Sen. Giffords to voice our concerns against the passage of this bill.

She sent us back the boiler-plate letters, affirming her commitment to passing the bill.

We told her we would work diligently to see her defeated; she re-affirmed her commitment. Was no one reading our letters? So we started researching candidates running against her.

Jesse, who is tall -- maybe Lincolnesque, is a conservative sharing values we hold dear. See his site at: He is a father of one son, with one on the way. He is a businessman who has run an interstate family business, balancing a budget, paying bills, taxes and employees. He is a US Marine veteran. He is pro-life.

And he is not a politician. He gives us a fresh start. Is that enough? You need to hear him speak. Watch for him at 4th of July observances in Marana and elsewhere. Check his schedule. Read and hear for yourself.

He has my support ... I hope he will have yours. Give a listen.


Ok, so I've given up hope of being light and funny. Things are too intense, too critical and too irritating.

Tonight I looked at where I am and decided -- beyond a doubt -- that I am a conservative Independent, pro-life, pro-country, pro-FREEDOM, and a pain-in-the-ass. Stevie supplied the last bit.

But maybe that makes me a bit more cutting and more, lol, of a pain-in-the-ass to the status quo.

Our country is GREAT. I don't want apologies!

Obama say we cannot expect to be first in medical, space exploration. WHAT? Totally unexceptable. We will be first and best!

It is only the stupidity and the restrictions of the current administration that face us. Even given those, I believe we will persevere!

Come-0n, guys. So stupid to believe these lies out of Washington. Let's change this administration. We are much better than that.