Monday, April 12, 2010

Jesse Kelly

Sunday afternoon, I went to a "meet-and-greet" for Jesse Kelly, who is running for congress in Arizona -- against Nancy Pelosi-clone, Gabrielle Giffords. With the morass of health care facing us, we had written Sen. Giffords to voice our concerns against the passage of this bill.

She sent us back the boiler-plate letters, affirming her commitment to passing the bill.

We told her we would work diligently to see her defeated; she re-affirmed her commitment. Was no one reading our letters? So we started researching candidates running against her.

Jesse, who is tall -- maybe Lincolnesque, is a conservative sharing values we hold dear. See his site at: He is a father of one son, with one on the way. He is a businessman who has run an interstate family business, balancing a budget, paying bills, taxes and employees. He is a US Marine veteran. He is pro-life.

And he is not a politician. He gives us a fresh start. Is that enough? You need to hear him speak. Watch for him at 4th of July observances in Marana and elsewhere. Check his schedule. Read and hear for yourself.

He has my support ... I hope he will have yours. Give a listen.

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