Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sept: The Trip East -- Odessa, TX

I'd been plodding through G.W.'s book Decision Points. When we decided to drive East, the first logical stop was Odessa -- where George spent his childhood.

It was a heady undertaking for the first day -- some 10 hours worth of driving according to Mapquest. With Molly, the dog, and with our aging bones, we needed to stop every 3 hours. As that was a good break, we would switch drivers then.

Driving across western Texas is a lonely experience. You go through miles of desert, sage and rolling hills before you see town or farmhouse.

And my online maps were a bust. When we arrived in Odessa, they didn't actually recognize where the hotel was but sent us wandering in circles. It was well past 10 pm when we checked in. Too tired to look for food, we snacked on cheese, grapes and crackers -- provisions from the trip.

We were at an old, old, old La Quinta -- one of the chains that allows dogs. They were in process of remodeling, but it hadn't hit our section yet.

At least, it was only one night. And as we traveled, we saw newer La Quintas -- but didn't stay in one again for this trip.

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