Saturday, December 10, 2011

July: Prescott -- World's Oldest Rodeo

Friends Bob and Joan drove out from Vermont to stay at a condo in Sedona for the week. We met up in Prescott and went to the Prescott's World's Oldest Rodeo. Saturday morning was the Rodeo Parade -- just a block from our hotel, the Hassyampa Inn.

As we walked into the lobby that morning, it was filled with sheriffs, marshalls, calvary, wanted desperados and shady ladies. Do believe one of these was the Duke, if you look closely.

The parade route was around the Courthouse and Whiskey Row and the audience was 3 - 4 deep. Seems all the regulars brought their folding chairs -- as the parade lasted about 3 hours. We gave up standing before it was over and went back to the hotel for refreshments.

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