Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sept: Fredericksburg Battlefields

Fredericksburg, VA -- we're staying on the 3rd floor of a Residence Inn next to a major shopping center. Molly, I must say, has been a remarkable travel dog. She sleeps in the car by day, is quiet in the hotel rooms and has been intrigued by all the different varieties of grass each place we visit.

Fredericksburg -- just outside Washington, D.C. -- is the site of many Civil War battlefields. One of the two we visit still has a small house, where you can see the bullet holes from a battle in 1862.

We also see a visitor center at the spot where Gen. Stonewall Jackson was shot accidentally by his own men. He died later in a house in Chancellorsville. Coincidentally, we had seen the stone relief of Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis years before at Stone Mountain outside Atlanta, GA.

We were at the graduation of our friends' son Matt and now, here we are, enroute to his wedding.

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