Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sept: Graceland and Elvis

Next stop is Memphis, TN, where we spend the day visiting Graceland. We miss Elvis, but tour the mansion.

We are staying at the Days Inn, one block from the transportation hub for Graceland with Elvis shops, Elvis airplane and car museums and Elvis theaters. The mansion is a short drive -- feels like across the street.

The hotel is filled with British and Irish tourists who've come to see Graceland by day and sit around the hotel pool by night. There doesn't seem to be too much else of interest unless you can venture to the downtown area for blues.

The mansion is smaller than I would have suspected, but the grounds are huge. Floral wreath and bouquets surround the pool area, sent by fans. Guides tell us fans keep replenishing the flowers when they die.

The rooms are covered with mirrors ... not the oval ones we think of, but walls of glass mirror so Elvis could see his reflection everywhere. The "Jungle Room" is a combination family room/recording area he designed/furnished himself with lots of animal hides and animal print designs. Gaudy, flamboyant ... not dull.

Guides tell us you could hear Elvis when he walked down the staircase by the clanging sounds of all his jewelry.

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