Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Countdown is on ...

Considering that my son at gave me a plug on his blog, I suspect I should start trying to write more often. But it's tough going ... when morning and night are both dark and daylight hours are packed full of work.

All of which leaves me prone on the sofa at night with a glass of wine and not much incentive to post.

The good news is that both sons will be home for Christmas! Arriving a bare 8 days from now ... which also means the housecleaning, dog-washing, package-wrapping, bed-making and cookie-baking are way behind schedule. But I'm not daunted a bit ... where was that wine glass?

Hubby has also been home on a Christmas time break, finishing up all kinds of projects on his list. Between putting up new towel racks, tiling the bottom of kitchen cabinets (a grand idea from one of his buddies) and hanging pictures for me, he's out of breathe too.

Just picture us ... stretching out on our Lazyboy sofa. Cheers.

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