Friday, August 21, 2009

Told my hubby last night that I'd started a blog and his reaction was "OMG, will they know who you are."

"No, not really," I responded. "Well, maybe. But I've only started. No one is reading me yet."

~ ~ ~ ~

Watched Bill O'Reilly and heard the discussion about John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc. Seems he wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal, offering some reasonably sound suggestions for health care reform.

Because he had the audacity to oppose Obama health care, he is now being denigrated by numerous sites and has even been targeted by a Facebook group formed to boycott Whole Foods grocery stores. The group claims to have 22,000 members as of today.

What did he say that was so awful? Try —

Equalize the tax laws so that employer-provided health insurance and individually owned health insurance have the same tax benefits. — Wish we had that when we were paying for our own insurance

Repeal all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines. — Which means we can pick the company and plan we want across state lines

Enact tort reform to end the ruinous lawsuits that force doctors to pay insurance costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Come on folks. Perfectly obvious and simply rational.

By the way, have you tried to read the House Health Care Bill?

A shambles of addendums and changes to changes for incomprehensible reading. And when they do make a statement, it is so obtuse, it requires two or three lawyers in the room to decipher.

On a humorous note, read the section on REQUIRING INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY AND PLAN DISCLOSURE (page 39 of SEC. 133):

"PLAIN LANGUAGE.—In this subsection, the term ‘‘plain language’’ means language that the intended audience, including individuals with limited English proficiency, can readily understand and use because that language is clean, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices of plain language writing.

GUIDANCE.—The Commissioner shall develop and issue guidance on best practices of plain language writing."

Now, who's going to explain it to him?


  1. I can just hear the hubby saying that. So him!!!

    I'm so happy you're doing a blog. You've always been a great writer. I'm going to look forward to each new post.

  2. Hopefully the posts will be more humorous. Was on a bit of a negative streak there for month or two....who is Vicarious?